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Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money by Taking Your Sports Registration Online

I am SO loving using your system and only kick myself that we didn't find you sooner! I'm going to recommend you to our soccer club. They just went online this year with the system we were using, but I know they would find this one so much better! Over 2500 kids are part of the club, and it's growing.

Roxane Lee
Vancouver Sports Club

No more searching through piles of paper. No more wasting time having to check everything by hand. No more boxes and boxes of old signed documents and forms gathering dust. You’ll have everything you need to run your organization in one place using our easy-to-use online sports registration software we call Team Sports Admin.

Plus, we offer the best pricing in the industry - whether you’re a national organization with tens of thousands of kids, or a small league with a few teams - you’ll be saving time and money.

Simplify Your Registration Process and Stay Organized

Parents or Guardians Registering Their Player(s) for Your Event Only Takes Minutes

Register Your Players Online Fast and Easy

1. Register

Players and/or Guardians quickly fill out their information online using your custom registration link.

Sign Legal Documents Online Using DocuSign

2. Sign Legal Documents

Any required documents are instantly signed electronically using DocuSign™, the global standard for online signatures.

Accept Payments Online Using Our Sports Registration Software

3. Pay Securely

Any payments needed can be instantly paid online using our 100% secure online payment processor.

100% Secure Online Payments

Now you’ll be able to quickly and easily see who has signed the required forms, who has paid, who has incomplete registrations, and manage your entire organization easily, all from one place.

Northwest Prospects Academy

We just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how pleased we are with the software. We made the switch from one of your competitors and it's been refreshing to try something new and not have it feel like a foreign language.

Your software bridges the gap, for us, in effectively managing customer accounts while also being able to communicate with groups/teams within the same system. No other software has met this need to simplify. Thank you for making such easy to use software that has made running our organization simpler. Thanks Team Sports Admin!

Aaron & Janna Trolia
Northwest Prospects Academy

Easily Get Rid of All Your Paperwork

Proudly Partnered with DocuSign

Since we partnered with the global leader in legal online signature, DocuSign™  - the same solution trusted by the top banks and law firms – it means you will now be meeting eSignature legal standards worldwide, satisfying all necessary legal requirements.

Best of all, our process to get these documents in place couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is send us your current forms and let us do the rest. We’ll quickly get them online and ready for your parents and legal guardians to sign. It's truly that easy.

And did we mention the forms can even be signed from their mobile devices?

Now you can manage all your documents online. No more losing liability waivers, birth certificates, insurance forms, or any other documents your organization has their parents and legal guardians sign.

Other Great Features You’ll Love

Easily communicate with everyone in your organization

We know how often you need to send emails to specific groups in your organizations, whether it's to successful registrants for a specific event, players, guardians, coaches or teams.

One click is all it takes to remind teams about a practice, remind coaches about an upcoming strategy meeting, or remind parents about an incomplete required team registration forms.

We maintain a great reputation with email service providers, so you can be confident your emails will get to the inboxes of your participants and not end up in someones SPAM folder never to be seen.

Plus, with our new email reporting, you can quickly see who's opened each email, which emails bounced back, and whose emails never made it through. And since we know how important it is to keep in touch with everyone, we've made it easy to resend emails to those folks. One click is all it takes to resend to those who haven't received or opened an email, so you can be sure everyone stays in the loop.

Payment Reporting

Our payment reporting is clear, concise and easy for you to get the information you need. We sat down with accountants and book keepers from multiple organizations like yours to pick their brain on what kind of reporting they'd like to see. Needless to say it wasn't a short list, but every accountant and bookkeeper has impressed thus far.

Multiple Payment Options

All of your events (except tournaments) have the following payment options:

  • Free
  • One-time payment
  • Payment Plan - Ability to charge every X day(s), month(s), year(s) or on a specific day of the month. You can stop the payments after X number of payments, on a specific date, or make them a recurring payment.
  • One-time or Multi-payment options - Gives you the choice of having people pay the fee all upfront or splitting it into multiple payments.

Tournament pricing options:

  • Free
  • Per team fee
  • Multi team discount
  • OR collect a deposit and then automatically charge the remaining amount X days before the start of the tournament

Sending Email Receipts with the Ability to Add Custom Notes

Do you want to set up email receipts to send to your customers? You will have the options to enable/disable email receipts for successful online registrations and/or recurring payments.

You can also add a note on all your email receipts. This will come in handy if you want to include your refund policy or even your tax identification number if applicable.

Collect Sales Tax for Specific Events

Do you want to collect sales tax on specific registrations and/or payments? This will be very useful if you sell apparel through Team Sports Admin or are a Canadian customer that wants to collect GST or HST tax on all payments.

Incomplete Registration Reporting

You can run reports to see who's completed certain sections of your registration process (e.g. signed documents but hasn’t paid), and easily send reminder emails with a single click. Some people will stop their registration before they complete all the required steps, and with our application that’s ok. They’ll simply pick up where they left off the next time they log in.

Scholarship Options

There are times families can‘t afford to have their kids play, or you‘ve arranged something for kids in special circumstances. We give you the option to "scholarship" these kids into your event, where they will be marked as successfully registered. You‘ll be glad you have this feature when the time comes, and how easily it is to handle.

Invoicing Options

You can now invoice any participant any amount. It could be giving a discount to help a family who is having financial difficulty or applying any type of payment to a specific participant. Not to mention you'll have the ability to add an invoice to all players on a specific team at anytime. Setting up special payment arrangements has never been easier.

Easy to use Calendar keeps everyone on the same page

Our calendar will keep everyone in your organization on the same page. Add events to the calendar, and with a single click notify coaches, players, and parents via email. Control who sees what events on the calendar depending on the tryout, team, camp, or event they signed up for.

Online Document Signing & Organization

Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world. We have partnered with DocuSign™ to provide industry-leading levels of eSignature enforceability and warrants compliance with a variety or laws and statutes.

Superior eSignature Enforceability

We offer the strongest levels of enforceability in eSignature, including clear, non-repudiation audit trail, encryption, tamper-sealed certificates, chain of custody, and more.

DocuSign™ is willing to attest to and demonstrate its authentication measures. It’s not enough to meet the minimum requirements of the ESIGN Act: while ESIGN affirms that an eSignature is legal, it doesn’t answer whether it is someone’s signature.

What really matters is the ability to prove who signed your document, which is why we ensure the highest levels of enforceability – higher than pen and paper.

Coaches Portal

Once you create a team you'll have the ability to assign coaches, managers, and assistant coaches to that team. They will have their own account where they can communicate via email and calendar with the teams they are assigned to only. This has made the life for your coaches easier because they can manage all of their teams in one centralized location.

Accept/Deny Spots On Teams

Some organizations want their players to accept or deny their spots on a team. When you create your teams, you'll have the ability to enable this feature so your participants must accept their spot on the team before getting added to the roster.

And best of all, you can hide the roster until a future date. This has been found to be useful when you are trying to create the teams but don't want to show the rosters until they are finalized.

Create Custom Fields

Want to add your own custom fields to ANY registration form? No problem. With a click of the button you can now add any of the following field types to ANY of your registration forms. That way you can capture any and all information you want.

  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Drop-down
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button

Family Account

Once a player/guardian signs up for one of your events, the player/guardian will then have their own user and access, where they can view their team calendar, team roster, future tryouts, camps and other events.

You only need one account per family. Parents/Guardians can signup as many kids as they wish under their single account.

Offline Payment Options

How many times do players and/or guardians show up with a check or cash in hand? Our Offline Payment option takes care of this problem. With a single click of the mouse, you can manually accept their payment offline making your accounting and reporting seamless.

Exporting Data

We understand the need to organize your data the way you see fit. Whether it's payments, event participants, player data, team rosters, incomplete registration reports or any of the other data you may need, through a single click of a button you are able to export your data to excel.


This feature alone has increased an organizations bottom line by 16%.

When you create your event you will have the option to enable donations. You can add a description to let you participants know more about what they are donating towards, and they will then have the option to donate to your organization when they register. It’s a great way to increase money for your organization without having to do any extra work!

Why Sports Organizations Love Us

  • Team Sports Admin has been great to work with… from their customer service, to their friendly user software. Our customers have been very satisfied with the simplicity of the registration system, and our customer’s experience is top priority. From a soccer organization’s standpoint, Team Sports Admin has worked with us to make sure that our registration system fits every one of our needs!

    Crossfire Premier SoccerJustin Towns
    Crossfire Premier
  • First two days of my first camps have been awesome. Kids are receptive and the parents are giving me crazily positive feedback. Large part of that is your guys’ easy-to-use system that gives me way more time to organize and prepare the camp. Preparation is a huge key to success.

    Performance HoopsAiden Sargent
    Performance Hoops
  • I did go through and register my son, Tanner, for a clinic. I love it --- simple and easy, DocuSign is awesome.

    Crossfire Premier SoccerSherleen Taylor
    Elite Hoop Effects
  • I do all of our web design and marketing myself, and I have been looking for an online sports registration program just like Team Sports Admin that I can easily integrate into all my other products (which currently are a lot). I love how easy the sign up was and thanks for your customer service!

    Velocity Volleyball ClubBrenda Moser
    Velocity Volleyball Club
  • I was looking for a sports administration platform and initially chose a competitor, spent $295 up-front, 45 minutes on a "training call", and then 7-8 hours trying to figure out how it worked. I’d describe myself as having average tech aptitude and became very frustrated with their platform.

    I decided to try out Team Sports Admin, which allowed me dive in without any up-front expense. I was able to format my registrations for an upcoming tryout in about 45 minutes! Your follow up contact with me and suggestions allowed me to make a couple of tweaks to my registration but otherwise I’ve needed no assistance from your team with my site! Having great customer service is good, not needing customer service is even better!

    Thanks for a great platform. I expect that we’ll be doing business together for years to come.

    Bamboo Volleyball ClubKevin Russell
    Bamboo Volleyball
  • Building an entirely new website for our basketball program seemed like an impossible task. I'm so glad I found Team Sports Admin, as they've made the process very simple and our new design and layout continues to impress our users. The best part is how the new and improved functionality for registrations keeps us incredibly organized.

    Team Sports Admin's honest and consistent communication provided exactly what we needed for taking our program in the right direction to have a more efficient online presence. I would recommend Team Sports Admin to anyone looking to improve their business, program, or organization. Thank You!

    Mt. Si High School Boy's BasketballKyle Clearman
    Mt. Si High School
    Boy's Basketball
  • Love the program. So much easier than anything else I have used.

    Pure Advantage BasketballMathew Conboy
    Pure Advantage Basketball
  • Everything is going great. Documents work and I like the verify feature that I can check after reading the docs.

    Idaho Select BasketballVince Hordemann
    Idaho Select Basketball