Our Story
Team Sports Admin - the #1 Online Sports Registration Software

Team Sports Admin, LLC was founded in 2012 in Seattle, WA when four, tightly-bonded friends got together sharing their love of sports, coaching, family, kids and technology. The challenges they faced were minimizing time spent on organization, collecting paperwork, and managing finances, all while coaching and running a premier sports organization.

The story: Two online business owners/webmasters who gave their free time back to their community by coaching today's youth in sports went on a tournament road trip with two successful coaches (college and high school) who ran a premier youth sports organization in their spare time. While on the trip, the webmasters noticed how much time and stress went into paper work, managing finances, registration, team creation, team communication and more. The webmasters' strengths in streamlining technology led to brainstorming ways to make the entire process simpler and take less time.

The webmasters shadowed the two coaches while they ran their premier youth organization for 2 years. After much blood, sweat and tears, TeamSportsAdmin.com was born.

The venture was considered a "success" when the premier youth-team organizations owners cut their time from 25 hours of administrative work per season to just 3 hours. The bottom line grew by over 12%, PLUS they slept better knowing the proper legal documents were signed by all and stored securely online. With their extensive online experience, Team Sports Admin, LLC was able to partner with best in class companies: the leader in legal online signatures, the leader in online payment security, and the leader in email deliverability to create the most simple, seamless, and secure experience in the marketplace.

Launched in late 2013, now tens-of-thousands of people are using TeamSportsAdmin.com to automate tryout, team registrations and every function that is involved in running sports organizations

The overall goal is simple: Give coaches and organizers the freedom of time to do what they love by doing less paperwork and watching their bottom lines grow.

~ The TeamSportsAdmin.com Crew