Our Features

Communicate with your organization all from one place

Easily keep in touch with your players, coaches, and parents. No more time wasted sending out group and individual emails to everyone. Quickly select and organize teams, coaches, and players you want to communicate with, and use our email system to keep in touch with everyone.

Easy to use Calendar keeps everyone on the same page

Our calendar will keep everyone in your organization on the same page. Add events to the calendar, and with a single click notify coaches, players, and parents via email. Control who sees what events on the calendar depending on the tryout, team, camp, or event they signed up for.

Online Document Signing & Organization

Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world. We have partnered with DocuSign™ to provide industry-leading levels of eSignature enforceability and warrants compliance with a variety or laws and statutes.

Superior eSignature Enforceability

We offer the strongest levels of enforceability in eSignature, including clear, non-repudiation audit trail, encryption, tamper-sealed certificates, chain of custody, and more.

DocuSign™ is willing to attest to and demonstrate its authentication measures. It’s not enough to meet the minimum requirements of the ESIGN Act: while ESIGN affirms that an eSignature is legal, it doesn’t answer whether it is someone’s signature.

What really matters is the ability to prove who signed your document, which is why we ensure the highest levels of enforceability – higher than pen and paper.

Coaches Portal

Once you create a team, you can assign coaches, managers, and assistant coaches to that team. The coach will then have their own user and access, where they can communicate with the teams they are assigned to. They will be able to add events to the calendar, send emails, and manage only the teams and organizations you give them access to.

Some organizations want their players to accept or deny their spots on a team. When you create your teams you will have the ability to enforce this.

Create Custom Fields

Want to add your own custom fields to ANY registration form? No problem. With a click of the button you can now add any of the following field types to ANY of your registration forms. That way you can capture any and all information you want.

  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Drop-down
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button

Family Account

Once a player/guardian signs up for one of your events, the player/guardian will then have their own user and access, where they can view their team calendar, team roster, future tryouts, camps and other events.

You only need one account per family. Parents/Guardians can signup as many kids as they wish under their single account.

Offline Payment Options

We know how people work, and how many people will always show up at the front door of your event with cash in hand. Our Offline Payment option means this won’t be a problem. You can simply click one button and add their payment (Check or Cash) to their account.


When you create your event you will have the option to enable donations. You can add a description to let you participants know more about what they are donating towards, and they will then have the option to donate to your organization when they register. It’s a great way to increase money for your organization without having to do any extra work!