Our Simplified Pricing Model

No Setup Fees . No Monthly Fees . Direct Deposits in 2 Days . No Percentage Based Fees

Our Simplified Pricing Model

Our goal is always to keep everything as simple as possible: from setting up an event in less than 5 minutes, to giving your participants a seamless registration process. Our pricing is no exception.

Most online sports registration software companies charge monthly fees, take a ridiculously high percentage for each registration, hold your funds for 14 days, and/or even slap you with a hefty set up fee when you first sign up.

We've eliminated all of these extra charges and kept it simple.

Our pricing model is based on successful registrations only. This means we don't nickel and dime you by charging for incomplete registrations, you only pay when a participant successfully registers for one of your events.

We also do not hold any of your funds, at any time. You are in complete control of your organization's bank account and money - we have zero visibility and access.

You Only Pay Per Each Completed Registration
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee
Completed Registration

That's right, set up is included for free with us (we'll even have someone walk you through the process), and we don't charge a monthly fee, unlike the other guys.


Here at TeamSportsAdmin.com we strongly believe in only paying for what you use. Since we have some great features that you might not want for every event, we've made them optional:

Legal Document Signing via DocuSign

If you enable our document-signing feature, the fee is an additional $2.99 per successful registration. Doesn't matter if you have 1 document or 100 documents, the price doesn't change. Your documents will be signed and stored securely using DocuSign™, the global leader in security standards - the same solution trusted by banks and law firms. This will meet eSignature legal standards worldwide, FOREVER.

*Plan on having more than 1,000 successful registrations using DocuSign™ a year? Please contact us for volume pricing.

Successful Recurring Payments

If you have a recurring payment or multi-payment option set for your event, we don't charge the regular successful registration fee on these recurring payments. Those are only $0.99 per successful recurring transaction.

*Processing more than 200 recurring payments per month, please contact us for volume pricing.

Invoicing Players and Teams

If you set up a special payment arrangement with a player, you can use our invoice feature to send the player an invoice for any amount you specify. In addition to invoicing individual players, you can also invoice all the players on a specific team with a single click of the mouse. If you use this feature it's only $0.99 per successful completed invoice.

No matter what size your organization is, you only pay for what you use.


What About Credit Card Fees?

We use one of the industry leaders in online payments, so you're getting the lowest rate around. For comparison PayPal is generally regarded as one of the lowest cost merchant account for business. The credit card processor we use matches their prices, which are 2.9% per transaction + $0.30 per transaction.

*Processing more than $50,000 per month? Please contact us for volume pricing.

Here's the Bottom Line

We know for many organizations pricing is the first thing they look at. Which is why we're proud of the fact that for the majority of folks, we end up being less expensive than what they're using now when they look at their bottom line and total costs of using other platforms. We'd love to help you calculate what your total cost of ownership is right now and how we compare, and if it turns out we're more expensive we will let you know (we're usually not!).

But what really gets us excited is not just saving you money on your bottom line, but also saving you time and the hassle of trying to use a platform that doesn't meet all the needs of your organization. Some organizations have found they save upwards of 80% of their administrative costs after switching to us.

  • I was looking for a sports administration platform and initially chose a competitor, spent $295 up-front, 45 minutes on a "training call", and then 7-8 hours trying to figure out how it worked. I'd describe myself as having average tech aptitude and became very frustrated with their platform.

    I decided to try out Team Sports Admin, which allowed me dive in without any up-front expense. I was able to format my registrations for an upcoming tryout in about 45 minutes! Your follow up contact with me and suggestions allowed me to make a couple of tweaks to my registration but otherwise I've needed no assistance from your team with my site! Having great customer service is good, not needing customer service is even better!

    Thanks for a great platform. I expect that we'll be doing business together for years to come.

    Bamboo Volleyball ClubKevin Russell
    Bamboo Volleyball

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